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About the Company

LeahRose specialises in flower arrangements, cake designing, and event decorating. Based in Hatfield, we serve clients in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.

A Note from Our Founder

Having run a bakery in his younger years, my Grandfather remained a keen cook and baker into retirement. He kept me occupied by imparting his knowledge and passion to me most weekends when he and I revelled in preparing all kinds of cakes and sweets for our Sunday family gatherings—and of course, for ourselves during our creative process.

Over the years I graduated to lead family caterer, preparing everything required for every event from small garden barbeque to milestone anniversaries and every knees-up in between. However, it was the baking and cake creation that I really relished. This allowed me to exercise my creative abilities and produce fabulous sugar-coated visions!

Friends and extended family soon began requesting my creations. From this, a business grew. After a while, I teamed up with my favourite local florist. Together, we supplied individually packaged cupcakes for Mother’s Day and Valentine's Day. 

We soon extended our collaboration to provide beautiful complimentary packages for weddings, birthdays and religious celebrations. Following the formal uniting of our businesses, LeahRose in Hatfield, Hertfordshire is now the perfect place for all your event celebration needs.

We can work with anyone, from clients looking for a traditional floral arrangement, to a bespoke child's birthday cake. We can create even most refined wedding creations with the sweetest of tastes and perfectly arranged flower bouquets.

I look forward to sharing my passion with you!

- Karli

Why Choose Us

As a company, we work closely with clients to ensure that all of your needs are met. Whatever your budget is, we are constantly able to deliver top-quality services.

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